December 23, 2011

Lily got home after a tough day at work only to find something evn harder to deal with... her fathers will. He died, very young for these times, but he passed on his many fortunes, already attained and earned, onto  his only child, Lily.
she had been somewhat excited to see what her father hadn't shared with her, but then she discovered that she inheritated a secret spy and ninja agency.
What the hell? Lily thought. she had alwas known that her father was a ninja of course, but a secret spy and ninja agency?!
Lily thought of her fathers dangerous life, and remembered all the times in the past when she'd been threatened and kidnapped... now being a mother herself, she couldn't bear to think of her own chikldren in that type of danger. ninja enemies would surely go after her children, especially being a leader like she now was.
She needed to rid herself of this agency right away. there was only so much time left...

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  1. This was definitely an intriguing idea. I liked it. However, I think it might have been more interesting if the ninja's attacked her and then she was like, 'I really gotta get rid of this agency...'