December 22, 2011

Sick joke

It was a cold winter morning when I noticed I needed to get up for school, It was that time once agian. Six fifteen in the morning, I was so tired and warm neatly tucked in my bed, I was not ready for another day in nashua high south. Even though I didnt want to wake up I forced my self to and told myself if I got up, I would treat myself to dunkion donuts before I went into school. My usual is a medium iced coffee caramel swirl french vanilla extra extra with the sugar melted, and of course cant forget the turbo shot. I quickly got up and dressed making sure I wasnt forgetting anything i ran out my house at about seven o clock just in time to make it to dunks before school started. I finally warm up my car and start driving to dunks, I order the usual and start rushing to school, as im pulling up I notice that there no one parked in the back parking lot, i remember thinking to myself this much be sometype of sick joke. But not twasnt a sick joke it was columbus day, no school.


  1. HA! good story...this made me laugh.

  2. Couple of spelling mistakes. But thats humorous, and that would totally suck.

  3. Hey there "kristian_kiwii" ... if that is your real name. Holy shit. You are fucking hilarious. I can completely ignore the fact that more than half of this is just run on sentences because the story line was one that brought me pure joy. I can't decide if I like that the grammar is terrible or not. The only thing that concerns me is that it is not written poorly for a purpose. You actually think Dunkin' Donuts is spelled "dunkion donuts." Do you really go there everyday before school? I thought this was somewhat anecdotal, but I now realize that you created this character. Wow, you are a literary genius. I appreciate all this story has to offer and suggest that you write more like it. Please, keep posting shit like this. It give me something good to comment on. I think I'm in love with you. Okay, HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!