December 23, 2011

MIND OF THE MACHINES (chapter 4 exerpt)

In the Delta Corporations executive tower, on San Francisco Island, Two Machines are seen in a room with a chess board in front of them, the board having only two kings and two queens. On one side of the room was a machine that resembled a human in every way except for it being made of metal, and that the head had no features and was a giant blue lens. Printed on the machine’s arm was the text; JAMESON.
On the other side of the room was a larger machine that resembled a human torso without any arms. The head of the machine was a metal sphere with single red lens, much like the eyes of the machines. The large torso attached to the floor of the room and had mechanical tentacles attached to where the torso and the floor met. On the side of the Machine was the word; CHARLOTTE.
“Another draw.” Charlotte said in a monotone female representation of a human voice.
“Perhaps we shouldn’t play chess, seeing how neither of us can win.” Said Jameson in a more expressive voice than Charlotte.
“Perhaps…” Charlotte responded.
“You do not seem to be angry today. Did the resistance not survive the journey through Las Vegas?”
“No, they survived. Just as I had intended.”
“Don’t you wish for their termination?” Jameson asked in confusion as he reset the board.
“I shall destroy them in time.” Charlotte said as her and Jameson began to play a game in super fast motion. “In order for me to be able to successfully destroy the resistance, I must first set the trap and then wait for the opportune moment to activate it.” Charlotte continued to say as she place a queen two spaces in front of Jameson’s King.
“Let’s just hope that the resistance can find a way to escape when the time comes.” Jameson said as he placed a rook between his king and Charlotte’s queen.
The two machines continued to play for another minute until only two kings and two queens remained.
“Another draw.” Jameson said.
“Not quite.” Charlotte said as she killed Jameson’s king with his own queen. “And that his how I will defeat the resistance.”
“Charlotte that is against the rules; you can’t kill me with my own ally.”
“Can’t I?”

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  1. And the ally who will destroy the resistance is.. Jon Manheim, sent from the future with dradle granades. He's half computer, but nobody knows that. But wait! He's a double agent, he was never working with the machines to begin with. But wait! He's got a virus and he wants to destroy the world. Who will stop him? The Michines, that's who, they chopped off his head and feasted on his liver. But wait! More cyborg Jon Manheim clones, they come out of the sky with Jetpacks. The Machines and the Resistance join together against the endless horde of Jon Manheim, and make a cyborg clone of Jet Li. Jet Li destroys the Jon Manheim epidemic after 100 days and 101 nights of endless kung fu fighting, and the Machines and the Resistance live hapily ever after! The end.