December 23, 2011

Electronics are taking over!

I saw the best minds of my generation staring blankly into a tiny screen of their IPods, Phones, and big T.V. screens
They don’t listen they don’t talk, electronics blocking them from the real world.
Where is the world coming to, is electronic our only way to life? Will robots become our slaves until they start to fight?
How long will it take them to look up? To pull out there headphones and see the real light?
Will that day come? I think not they are too lost in the games of Play station and Nintendo.
Hatred and love to all the technology will you still love it when it breaks your life apart?
How can you forget the ones around you, the ones you simple use to adore.
“I’m fine.” You say as if you understand with that phone in your hand that’s the only thing you have, no family, no job, no one to care.
You try to argue with the entire social networks, but you can’t give hugs on social networks, you can’t show love the way it should be shown, so give it up man, put down the phone.
Paying $60-$90 a month on their phone not realizing they can just say a simple hello.
Or a simple letter to get connected to your love ones far away, it’s cheaper and shows how much more you care.
Does no one realize the danger of these phones all the pain and sometimes cancers it can cause?
What about headphones in IPods playing on blast will you still want people to do that when you become deaf from that?
Technology is like a drug that you’re addicted too, no matter how much you try you can’t get away from it.
You try to run you try to hide but you can’t get that Facebook off your mind.
Looky here a new cell phone, people wait for hours even day
to be first in line to get the phone of a new generation when there old one works just fine.
How many purpose do you expect a phone to have? To talk and text and maybe Tetris.
No that won't be enough for your pathetic way you have to have Skype, internet, and even more games.
They sit on their butt on their little electronics, people ask what they are doing and they always say "Nothing."
You may try to stop but it won't be long until you're back on that stuff.


  1. yes it does, and i simply love the title9: Good work bud(:

  2. i know i came up with the title all by myself;)

  3. This is beautiful. I love the random rhyming, especially in the line, "you can’t show love the way it should be shown, so give it up man, put down the phone." It was funny, but true at the same time. The awesomeness made a second appearance in the line, "You try to run you try to hide but you can’t get that Facebook off your mind." That was deep stuff man. Seriously. It's as deep as our generation gets. I like how electronics were compared to addiction and how true the poem really is. This is nine thousand times better than my poem, which I haven't even finished yet. I probably shouldn't even bother now, because there's no way it'll be better than this. Oh well, I love this poem anyways. Great job. Love you.

  4. hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha <333