December 16, 2011

No one's gonna read this anyways..

In the off chance you are reading this, and you see something that makes absolutely no sense, pease let me know? Cool.

I now stood before the pyramid, it was no longer planet sized, but it did seem to touch the heavens. The tip of the pyramid gave off a gleaming blue light the color of sapphires that gave the base of the pyramid the effect of being illuminated by a distant blue star. At the base, before the 10,000 steps to the top there is a market filled with people. I stand now in the middle of the crowd looking up the pyramid, the sound of water flowing could be heard in the distance. My body is still composed of light, and the people around me look through me as if I’m not there. I walk through the crowd of people, and notice a pool stretched out before the pyramid’s steps, filled by water that flowed from the blue light. The water trickled down the pyramid’s sides and fell into a stream that flowed around the pyramid and underneath it. The first steps to the top were a bridge built over the stream of water around the pyramid. There were two sets of steps one on either side of the narrow canal that flowed into the pool from around the pyramid. I feel compelled to take the left bridge. As I take my first step onto the left bridge everything changes. The blue light at the top is now glowing blood red, and the sky that was once clear was now filled with grey thundering clouds. The water flowing from the light had turned to blood, I look behind me at the pool of blood and everyone around it is dead. I can hear their souls whispering in a mysterious language. I walk onward toward the top, and hear the echoing sound of a child laughing playfully behind me. I turn around and see a little girl feasting on one of the dead bodies. She looks up at me with glowing red eyes and her face covered in blood, then stands up and skips away. Her body dissolves into dust and disappears in the wind. I continue my journey to the top, I will surely never forget this moment.
After hours of walking I reach the top and step into the blood red light. The world changes again. I’m standing in a large room made of stone. The blood red light is behind me, it resembles a glowing scar in the fabric of reality. In front of me there are more steps that lead to a platform. On the platform is a throne. A man wearing hooded black robes sits on the throne, the hood casts a shade over his face, but two glowing red eyes pierce through the dark shroud. I can hear wind as I walk up the stairs to the throne, even though there are no openings to the outside world, and no wind blows in the air tight room. Shadows fly through the air, not confined to walls. No light can be seen, but the room is well lit.
At long last I stand before the black Buddha. The room shakes as the black Buddha stands. He holds his hands to the ceiling. “Fate is at hand my child.” His thundering voice fills the room, and the air gives off a low hum. I’m speechless. Awe and vengeance cloud my mind. “You need not speak, child. I have the knowledge you seek, the appointed hour has come. Your destiny shall be fulfilled.” “What destiny?” I asked. “Ah, yes, the grand question. In time you shall know, dear child, but first there are formalities that must be observed when meeting your inner demon face to face.” “What?” I asked. “It is I that has guided you along this path. I was there in your past life. I spoke to you in dreams, and influenced your thoughts. I am as much a part of your life as you are.” “I don’t understand.” I said. “Of course you do, you just don’t know it. That part of you has not been unlocked yet.” “Unlocked?” I asked. “Yes, the formalities. Please relax, this might hurt a bit.” The black Buddha said, and he took off his hood. He looked exactly the same as me, apart from the glowing red eyes. He took my face in his hands and stared intensely into my eyes. I felt as if a red hot sword was being slowly pushed into my forehead, and images of my past lives flooded my vision. I feel like my head is being ripped in half.
I remember my first human life. I was born into a ninja clan. I remember a childhood filled with hate. I killed just to eat. I spent a large portion of my life meditating and I learned kung fu in the astral plane. I traveled the seven hells and made demons my slaves using black magic. I stole their power with ancient mantras. I was the strongest of my clan. I became the master and waged war with the other clans until I controlled them all. I forged forth an empire of darkness. I killed off world leaders and replaced them with members of my clan. I made them look like the leaders I killed with the demonic powers I stole. It was, and still is, an empire of shadow and secrecy, and I was its master; its emperor. I fed on the hopes and dreams of my subjects; their very life force. I did this to sate the hunger, and sustain my demonic power. The more my empire expanded, the more powerful I became. But in the end I was killed, poisoned by one of my own clan.

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  1. 1) I read it.
    2) I liked it. :)
    3)Is there more????
    I really did enjoy reading this story. The description of scenery and everything was really well done. I felt like I could see the pyramid, the mysterious light, the demon child... It was all very realistic. I couldn't help butread the whole thing. If you don't have more to this story yet, I beg that you do!! I, for one, would love to get a little more information about all this. What exactly made this person so evil in his past life? What does the Buddha do next? How did he even get to the pyramid? The detal here was great, now I want to read more!