March 18, 2011

3-18-11 publishorperish

"As they walked, they talked about all of the things they’d always dreamt of. He told her that all his life he hoped he would find someone special; someone who truly meant the world to him. She was that person. He told her that he loved her and wanted to spend his life with her. She smiled back, telling him that she, too, wanted nothing more than to spend her life with him. She loved him, there was no denying that. They leaned in toward one another to share a tender kiss.
That hot July day, spent on the beach would be a day she would never forget. She had never felt so happy and was more at peace with her own life, than ever before. He was every hope, wish and dream she ever had, all wrapped up in one. The only word to describe it was; bliss. "

This writing exercise was done in only a few minutes, but I’m basically wondering what you think of it? Would this make a good story, if continued/more detailed?


  1. It's written well I just don't know if you would be able to make it interesting enough so it wouldn't be just another one of those "love stories" maybe If you try developing the plot and adding something different than boy meets girl blah blah. Also are these characters supposed to be late teens? I think this story could work if you dress it up a bit :)

  2. I think this would be the good closing or ending reflction to a story if you were to develop a more detailed plot. Also, it seems a bit cliche, so if you did turn this into a story, try to make sure it doesn't become too cheesy or cliche because it would ruin this piece you already have.