March 18, 2011

Yet another beginning of a story

The mission was simple: kill the president. The President of the World Federation had been ruling for sixty years with an iron fist. The technology of the day made life sustainable up to at least 400 years. Clearly he was not stepping down anytime soon. It was bad enough that he was president of the world, but he also kept the world in an impoverished state. There were few who actually had the luxuries of the rich. They all lived secluded from everyone else, but with plenty of room. The rest of the people were trapped together. Trash lay all around the streets with the other types of refuse. The plumbing systems were so confined and backed up that excrement lay all about the streets. Conditions were truly terrible for most people.
Axel lay in his bed silently. His entire room was pitch black. Nothing could be seen except the whites of his eyes. The entire house was silent. It should be it was 3:00 in the morning. Axel heard someone getting up in the room across from his and saw light coming from the hallway. Axel got up and got dressed. He went into the hallway and waited. A minute later Kira was out of her room and they went together out of the house. They walked a couple of blocks and entered what seemed to be an abandoned warehouse. At least it used to be. For the past few years that warehouse was used as a base of operations for the World Liberation Front.

Is this interesting to read? Does it set the story up well and draw you in?

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  1. it is a very interesting read. The story's set up was executed perfectly, and it draws the readers in.