March 18, 2011

Modern Hermit Learning to Socialize

The next few weeks after that feel like they had been ripped out of some else’s life story and glued into mine. A little over a month ago, my closest companions had been my fish and my indignant manager. Now, I took the time to stop every morning and talk to Kevin on the stairs before he had to go off to the fabulous world of accounting. I visited Nina in the evenings. She introduced me to a bunch of foreign T.V. shows that she loved. We spent a lot of time cooking and tearing through her box set of 7 Vidas, which was like the Latin American version of Friends. She had to turn on the subtitles so that I could enjoy the show too. Whenever the translated subtitles didn’t do the actual dialogue justice, Nina would pause and give me a better translation. I didn’t find it annoying at all, in fact, a lot of the jokes went over my head until Nina explained why a certain Spanish word plays were funny in certain circumstances, or gave me the cultural background to understand why particular mannerisms or actions were simultaneously inappropriate and hilarious. She took me with her to the grocery store once, to Shane’s relief, to show me how to pick out the best the best cooking ingredients.

So, the main character in this story has social axiety but has recently made two friends in her appartment building. In this paragraph I wanted to show her learning to open up a bit more. What could I write here to show her lingering reclusiviness?

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