March 25, 2011

Bo-Fango Isn't Verusing Bo-Jango

I woke up one fine morning to realize that it was actually the afternoon. Five pm to be exacted. I jumped out of bed, realizing that I had missed the meeting with Bo-Jango, the most Bo-Jangalin' guy around. While I had no I idea what that title actually meant, I knew that he would want to hurt me now.
It wast time to leave town, you know, for a few days. I couldn't talk to anyone about where I was going or what I was doing because then Bo-Jango would know where to find me. So I just left.
I had been gone for a day over-sleeping in a hotel room when I realized that I didn't tell my girlfreind. I felt bad. I figured I could call her, just not tell her where I was. She'd be really mad. I really did not want to call her.
In the midst of deciding to or not, I decided that it would be best to sleep it over.
When I woke up I knew that I had put it off for long enough.
I picked up the hotel phone and dialed her number. I waited for about four rings; figuring it would go to voice mail, I outlined my little speech for the voice mail. Then Bo-Jango answered the phone.
"Hey Bo-Fango, your gurlfriend is unable to pick up the phone right now."
"Jango, I told you not to call me Bo-Fango." I told him "And what the hell are you doing to her?"
"Nothin' I swear" he claimed, "I jus came over to ask her where you where because I figured you'd be nice enough to tell her."
"What happened?" I asked with fear.
"Turns out she's suicidal. Yeah she's on the roof right now."
"Can't you stop her?"
"I wuz trying to but then her phone rang, and I had to answer it because I'm the most Bo-Jangalin' guy around."
"Uh, yeah that's great Jango."
"Yeah, she's still on the roof over..." He paused "I swore I just saw her a second ago... Oh! I get it now. Looks like she jumped dude. Sorry about that."

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