March 18, 2011

A Random Cubical Object Other Wise Known As a Box

So I was walking though the park one day; and then that's when it happened. My dog was checking out the various mounds of melting snow. The grass underneath my feet went swush swush as I traveled over it. We came to another mound of snow, and as my dog was digging though it I saw some leather pointing out of the now. My dog sniffed it, looking at it, as if he was wondering if he should mark his scent upon it.
I pushed him away just so I could see what it was. "Darn those litters" I mumbled to myself. As I brushed away the half wet half ice half snow off, I noticed that mu dog had found a strange, leather-bound box.
I opened it, out of curiosity. As the hinges bend, and worked against each other, I could feel it creaking. I opened it. Out blasted a beam of light with a hologram like thing, "Ah!" I yelled.
"Please help us," the strange holographic lady said, "Whoever you are, you are our only hope, you must come and save us!"
"Aw crap, I don't want this kind of responsibility!" I quickly closed the box and burried it back into the snow, leaving it to guilt a different victim.


  1. That was entertaining. I liked your title. I also liked you're character's "it's not my problem" attitude, it made for a funny ending.
    Just watch for spelling errors before posting. The last sentence in your first paragraph said "mu" instead of "my."

  2. I highly enjoyed your story. The title was very creative. I liked your description as well. I also liked how your character was not like other main characters who would have helped. It was entertaining little blurb.