September 30, 2011

Eye-Gouging Awesomeness

I reached over and calmly gouged out his eye. The poor man. If only he had kept calm when his contact lens rolled behind his eye, he wouldn't have run into head on traffic. But I really needed that contact lens. Contact lenses are made of exceedingly rare gold and would save my family from starvation. With one last glance at the man, I ran home. There, my siblings and mother were awaiting my arrival. "Did you get it?" My younger sister asked anxiously. I held up the contact lens and my mother put a hand over her heart in relief. She disappeared into the house, leaving my siblings and I to wait outside. Five minutes later, the broker left with the gold contact and there was a pile of money, so high it was taller than me sitting in our little kitchen. "We'll never be poor again!" My little brother clapped excitedly. We all smiled at each other, knowing that this was the start of something good. My mother looked over at us and said, "Come on, let's go." We skipped out the door, and then my mom took us out for sno-cones.

1 comment:

  1. I thought this story was good. It was really funny and it had a happy ending, which I enjoy. The one part I didn't understand was how the man ran out into traffic. Did your character gouge out his eye and then he ran into traffic? Did she gouge out his eye after he ran into traffic? The traffic doesn't really need to be in the story, as far as I'm concerned. Also, are all contacts made out of this gold, or is it just this man's contacts? If all contacts are worth thousands of dollars, how do people afford them and why did the character pick this specific man to take the contact from? The story was funny, and heartwarming. I really liked it, you might just want to change the one part because it was kind of confusing.