September 30, 2011

What I Left Behind

I wrote this just based off the title. What did you take away from it? Did you like? Was it good? Did it make sense? Take a gander if you so choose.

I sat there in frustration
With tears in my eyes
With words all choked up
A knotted feeling in my insides

A cantankerous sore
That I just wanted to blurt out
Something meaningful, poetic
But my own self I will doubt

Like a moment in time
This was the hand I was dealt
What I left behind
Was the feeling I felt


  1. Alyssa, I love this. It's brilliant and has an almost musical quality to it. I especially love "With words all choked up/ A knotted feeling in my insides". It's beautiful, and I love how it could easily be about any part of someone's life. I wish you'd maybe expand on it, perhaps even make it a song. :) Keep up the good work, and I shall see you on Monday :)

  2. this is a good start to a poem, i liked it. The poem made since to me

  3. Ohh man, this beginning pulled me in. I totally think you should go on so I can understand the situation. (: By the way, I lovee your use of words.