September 30, 2011

Failure of a First Kiss

This is a writing exercise we did in class.

The night of my first kiss seemed relatively normal. I was at a dance. I'm not really much of a social bug, so I stayed in the shadows and kept to myself. I had decided that tonight I was going to have my first kiss. I was 16 and I had never been kissed. My friends made fun of me constantly for this. No more. I was going to have my first kiss. The trouble was, I had to find the right girl. All the girls here were dressed like sluts and had globs of makeup on their eyes. It was disgusting. I wanted a girl who had a little more respect for herself.

Just then, a young girl around my age entered the room. She wore a modest but beautiful blue dress. She had just the right amount of make up on and her hair was left completely down. It was a natural beauty and it was very refreshing. She walked over to the refreshments and didn't grab any punch, yet I noticed she had a cup in her hand. She made her way over to a corner that was out of sight to people but she could still see everyone. On an impulse, I walked next to her and she looked curiously at me as I leaned against the wall.

"Michael," I said, introducing myself.

"Amy," she responded, staring into the crowd of people.

Acting on another impulse, I turned her toward me. She didn't move away. Before I could stop myself, I had decided that she would be my first kiss. I never was that good at resisting impulses. I leaned in and quickly pressed my lips to hers. To my utter surprise and pleasure, she didn't pull away. She melted into me and her empty punch cup fell to the floor. I vaguely heard a beeping sound but ignored it.

Amy pulled herself quickly away from me. "SHOOT!" she exclaimed. She chucked the beeping cup to the far side of the room and pulled me down to the floor. Before I could ask her what was going on, that side of the room blew up. I gaped in shock. "LOOK WHAT YOU MADE ME DO!" she screeched.

Did this make sense? What was your first impression of Amy? Is Michael too stupid?


  1. It makes sense in a comical way. I will admit i was not expecting the cup to blow up. My first impression of Amy was that she seemed ordinary until the cup she was holding blew up when it was thrown. She's definitely hiding something by the way she staring at the crowd but not joining it. Michael seems like he could be a pretty decent guy. As for his acting on his impulses that seems like a normal thing for someone to do if they wanted to take that risk.

  2. This story made me chuckle. I liked that the story was based on Michael's first kiss, but was really about so much more than that. The reader can tell that there is something fishy about this girl, but can't tell exactly what. The cup was a creative weapon! I think it definitely made sense in a mysterious sort of way. We never really find out what the deal was with Amy or what happened next, but that makes it even better. I don't think Michael seems stupid at all, besides being a typically determined male. Great story!