September 27, 2011


We Laughed,
we cried,
we had good times
until that hateful guy committed
that crime.

Then I turned around
and I saw a blur,
I started to stare
as I begin to cry thinking
about her.

Then I turned back around and
realized she was gone,
as I thought I did something

But now she is in a good
Now I can look up and
know she is looking down
on my face.

" I love you mom."


  1. reading this made me sad ):
    i love my mommy and i wouldnt want anything to happen to her or anyone to hurt her.
    i really liked this though !

  2. Thanks Kaylee. People should always be thankful they have a mom,yeah you get mad at them but things happen. i would do anything to get my mom back.thanks again. :)