September 30, 2011

i forgot my goldfish

My family decided it was time to move after 15 years in the same house. As they drove away i watched as the house got smaller and smaller until it was out of site.
Half way through the drive i realized that i had forgotten my my goldfish.
"Mom!" I yelled "We need to go back!"
"No!" she yelled back.
"But i forgot my gold fish!"
My brother sitting next to me was laughing mockingly "Nance."
I ignored him like always. I sat there thinking about my poor little gold fish swimming around his small bowl wondering where his food was.
I had a sad look on my face and my brother pointed it out "are you sad over a fish!?"
Every body looked and laughed.
I punched him in the arm and told him to shut up.
I stayed quiet for the rest of the ride knowing i'll never see my goldfish again.

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