September 30, 2011

Fish flavored Coffee of death

Taylor walked to the coffee shop. She knew what was coming. Her boyfriend Mark was about to break up with her. She's seen it coming for weeks now.

Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. Taylor thought to herself, but she couldn't force herself to pretend to be happy. She would really miss Mark.

When she arrived at the shop, Mark was already there, sitting at a two person table, two coffee's already ordered and still steeming. No one else was at the shop.

"Good morning, Taylor." Mark greeted her pleasently.

Mark caught Taylor's hand and pulled her over to the table, and then pulled out her chair for her. then he gracefully walked over to his own side of the table and sat, gazing at Taylor adoringly. She was extremely confused.

"Um... What brought all of this on?" She asked him.

"Oh, nothing. I'm just in a happy mood." Mark mused.

Taylor shrugged to herself, still confused. Maybe he's not breaking up with me...

The air smelt of something unusual, but she couldn't figure out what it was exactly.

Mark watched Taylor with patient eyes, as she sipped her coffee. It tasted nasty and wrong. So much so that Taylor spit it back out, but she was too late. Half of the mouthful had already been swallowed. Mark did not react to this. Nor did he react to the coughing and gagging that immediatly came from Taylor.

Taylor soon realized that she was having an allergic reation to the coffee. She also realized that the smell and taste was fish. Taylor was allergic to fish.

"I-is t-ther-re fi-ish in th-that?" Taylor asked, barely able to choke out the words.

Mark simply nodded. In his eyes, Taylor saw something like remorse, but he still showed no effort to help her.

Slowly Talor died. Once Mark was sure that she was really dead, he picked up her body and dumped it into a dumpster behind his uncles coffee shop. As he did so, he was reminded of all his other past girlfriend's whom all died a similar death as Taylor had, and whom was all dumped in this same exact dumpster.


  1. hmmm...that taylor chick really doesnt know how to pick 'em

  2. I think this story is FANTASTIC. I really like how the coffee isn't marketed as fish coffee, it's all just part of a sinister plot. The last paragraph does a really good job of tying up loose ends as to why Mark killed Taylor; he's just a psychopath. It appears that his family is, too, as his uncle doesn't seem to mind the bodies that appear in his dumpster every now and then. It was a great story and very enjoyable to read.