September 30, 2011

My perfect pet.

My perfect pet would be a cat,
not a dog cause i cant handle that.
To bad my perfect pet i already have,
and without my sashie i would go mad.
She's my fat pretty girl.
And i love her, she's like a little human with fur.
She lays with me,
Cries when im not around,
listens to when i talk to her,
And she follows me throughout the house.
My babygirl is perfect in so many ways.
And thats why my sashie moomoo is my perfect pet mmmmmkayyyyyyyy.


  1. this sounds so cute, i feel the same way about my cat moonstar hehe she is like my best friend and i love her so much :)

  2. It sounds adorable. I think it's great that you would write a poem about your cat. My cat does similiar things when she's not spazing at every noise. The last word on the last line doesn't really make much sense there in my opinion. I could be wrong.