September 27, 2011

Meeting the Boss

The 2 guards led me to a dimily lit room

A man sat across a black oak desk

He was covered in darkness from the waist up

His left hand reached for a cigar in a glass ashtray

He took a hit, seconds later

A thick white cloud hovered the table

As the smoke cleared he put the cigar back

he reached under the table and pulled up 3 boxes

The first words he said were

"Welcome to the game"

Box 1 had Cocaine

Box 2 held Marijuana

Box 3 contained Ecstacy

I put my hand on box 1

Unknowing what im getting in to

He said

"The money game, Good luck"

1 comment:

  1. I am not too sure about what you are trying to get at right now. I see this kind of notorious mob boss feel from the first character in your piece. Now I am confused when you introduce your second character, and does the character know what is what in each box? And what is the money game? Overall, I am very confused. Maybe add a couple of questions next time so I can answer what parts that you had trouble on.