September 26, 2011

My STD poem (:

this is my writing excercise. hope you like it. but tell me how would you react to someone with this new disease ? would you still be friends with your friends or would you make new ones ?

so i personally dont know of this, it is something horrible with a twist.
its called viva 124, its terrifying to look at and it doesnt have a cure.
You get horns and a tail from this STD.
oh please oh please dont come near me.
i stick with condums so im 100% clean.
i have never had an STD before so viva 124 stay away from me.
It wasnt contagious and you can spot it out anywhere.
Even if your friends have it, be carful to not touch their private area.
and thats how i know of viva 124 but i swear if my boyfriend has it, we wont be together anymore.
its a dirty disease and there are many more like it.
but if you stay protected you wont have to try to hide it.


  1. lol
    99.9% free
    but i like the story

  2. (: This made me smile reading. My reaction to seeing someone with this disease would be to make sure I wasn't sexually attracted to him in any way, shape or form. If a friend had it, I'd stick by them through it all, I'd once again just be sure I never had a sexual attraction to them. The poem was easy to understand but the verses were a little bit off beat. Great job!