September 30, 2011

Hearts Can Recover From A Disaster

Break ups'....heart breaks'....they're both the same.
Either way you look at it, either person in the relationship could experience the ache of a once loved heart.
Even though guys try not to show that they're hurting, doesn't mean you can think that they aren't.
A girl can hurt inside, and show it on the outside.
The girl could put a mark on a guy to prove that they were once together.
Her sadness could haunt him like the moonlight on a discarded cheeseburger wrapper.
Something that was great to have, but ends up being trashed the next.
It's painful to have such a feeling like this, but in the end, you could always move on.


  1. Well i really like it. It seems that this didnt just come from the board but you took the time to think about what you are writing about. I dig that. This is a topic that some people can get over easy and other may take weeks, years to get over. I like how you are not just focusing on the bad side of things. Your cup is half full and that is a good quality to have. Unfortunatly, most people do not see this way. I have know to many people (including myself) that stick to the past to much they cannot enjoy the bright sun of tomorrow. In time these things get better and your writing adresses this. Thank you, I hope this helps.

  2. I really liked this post. You really encorporated the cheeseburger wrapper line into the story well. When I first read the line "Her sadness could haunt him like the moonlight on a discarded cheesburger wrapper," I thought that it was just a line by itself. I didn't understand how it was going to fit into the story. Then I read the next line, "Something that was great to have, but ends up being trashed the next." That line perfectly explained the heartbreak at the end of the relationship. I thought it was great, really good analogy. If you were going to add anything to this, it should be something about how people can get over heartbreak. The last line is the only line that talked about moving on, while the rest explained the heartbreak. If you keep the title, "Hearts Can Recover From A Disaster," I would recommend adding something else about the recovery.

  3. thanks, with you guys commenting it defiantly helps :)