September 29, 2011

First Kiss Gone Wrong

Ronny and Suzie were dancing at Suzie's sister wedding. Ronny leans down and kissed her. She was so happy for her first kiss.

"Can I show you my guns?" He asked
"You mean your mucles?" Suzie asked confused.

"No." he said and pulled out a gun from his suit pocket.

"What are you doing with that?" She asked in a hushed tone.

"I thought it be cool to bring one."

"At a wedding?" She asked "You're an idiot!"

"Oh, sorry." he said and hugged her with the gun still in his hand.

AS they hugged Ronny accidently pulled the trigger shooting Suzies Nanny.

Suzie pushed him away in shock "What did you just do?!"

"Sorry, it was an accident!" he said waving the gun in his hand. He pulled the trigger again and the bullet hit Suzie's only sister. "Oh man, sorry!"

"Ronny leave!" she screamed.

"Suzin im so sorry!" He yelled, and pulled the trigger again shooting Suzie. He fell to his knees and was stunned at what he did. He went crazy at the sight, so crazy he shoot himself in the head and died.

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  1. this was fun to read. i think you should have made ronny go on a rampage cause he was sad about killing suzie, and then he shoots himself in the end. but i do like your story. (: