September 30, 2011

How it Feels

As I walk into the woods, I can smell a fire, I can feel the roughness of the bark, I can taste thr fresh air, I can see a trail surrounded by a billion trees, I can hear snaping branches beneath my feet as I walk. I have never seen this place before. I must have just overlooked it. The skys settimg in pinks, purples and, blues that decorate the sky. I wish this could last forever. I spread my arms out to bothn sides, dop my head back and begin to spin. I open my eyes and stare up at the sky. At this very moment i am one with the sky. This is what life was meant to be. It's feeling freedom, and serenity. While your spinnimg your a little light on your feet but as soon as you begin to think about the situation in too much depth you lose consentration and fall to the ground. I kept my mind open throughout my spins. As I slowly stop, I take on elast look at my surroundings and realize everything has changed. No more colors or nature. Just a surrounding of people ll dressed in familiar outfits. One seems to know me. As I rise up they speak up and say "Welcome Back."


  1. Hey hun :). So guess what? I really love what you posted. It is so vivid, meaningful, and powerful! I love the concept you came up with of starting out in a forest and elaborating the sights that you see from there. As I read through your story, I could clearly see what you were talking about. It's just so beautiful and well crafted. You take the reader on a journey while you are explaining everything you see, almost as though it's your first time absorbing your surroundings. It's honest and true to it's core. I love the way you ended it with the transition from empty forest to a crowd of familiar people. You're take on things is introspective and fresh. My only critique is for you to go back and make some spelling and grammar changes. Other than that, it's great. Keep being awesome Kota :)