September 26, 2011

Second Chance

Any suggestions as to how I can better sort me thoughts without making it sound childish?

I remember the day,
He pushed me away
I had the broken heart.

I was in love,
Floating high above
Untill he toar me apart.

He cheated, he lied
I was dying inside
I'd never been so low.

I was weak when he left,
Taking my world, it was theft!
But, that was long ago.

I'm strong, I'm brave,
My life, I gave
He's splitting at the seams.

He's under my spell
Welcome to hell
I'm taking over his dreams.

He got me once, maybe now twice.
It was the luck of the draw, the roll of the dice,
I may be his, he may be mine, are we ment to be?

I'm scared to give in,
I won't let him win
This time, he won't fool me.

1 comment:

  1. loved your poem =) the only thing that confused me was how she is dating him again, but she doesnt trust him. Maybe you could add a verse explaining her thought's on if to take him back or not? either way, it's a really, really great poem =)