September 26, 2011

fall of the darkest reflection part 3

The story begins with the members of the Organization laying around. Suddenly the sky becomes dim and the weather instantly changes from the middle of summer to the dead of winter within minutes. The Organization gathers to discuss. After minutes of aimless chat amongst each other, Gary announces the situation; Father was coming. Father, the supreme leader of darkness, had gathered so much power and substance that when he enters the physical world, all of existence will collapse. As the only possible option Gary proposes that they destroy father’s path of entry. Father is trapped in Twilight. A world in-between the realm of reality and fiction and the only way out is through the untamed power of a reflection. A reflection is a manifestation made to fix the flaw that accurse when the time/space fabric bends into an endless recurring loop (Usually caused by time travel). Gary had made a time machine incase this were to happen, the Organization went through the time machine into their memories in hope of finding and destroying the darkest refection (whatever it may be).


  1. This is really grate! I love how you gave enough room to build the characters and their issues and problems. Keep writing this I would love to see the final product. this seems to me like it is going to be a really fun. i like the way you write. it seems you take the time to get all the detail out and make the picture nice and clear. It make it seem more like a painting than a story and that is perfect. the image is there you dont have to guess what someone may look like or the environment. Do you have anything else like this? maybe you could merge universes together with this time travailing shanagans. Just a thought. Keep up the good work!

  2. some oen should die trying to destroy that refection