October 28, 2011

Davey's Secret Back Track

All this shit melted together this one summer night. Fireworks, beer cans, and ganja were the main highlights of the other partiers, but, mine was a little different.

A buddy of mine was throwing this crazy party at his old mans lake house for the 4th of July, so naturaly, the entire school knew about it even after classes had ended. I was pumped to get my smush on and drink and smoke into a whole nother world. I packed my car with funnels, bongs, red cups, ect. for my buddy. I do what I can to help out, you see.

By the time I rolled into the driveway, he had music blaring, three beer pong tables set up and about sixty people already there. Girls with bikini tops on and guys in wife beaters. Everyone had drinks in one hand and a smoke in the other.

After doing shot after shot, I decided to check on the ladies, to see if their looks had inproved since my liquor binge. Sarah caught my eye almost immediately. She had always got me going, but especially tonight. After flirting and making out on the couch for a while, I made the most adult decision of my life. I brought her up to the bedroom.

I'm sure you can only imagine what happened next. We went at it like fucking animals and it was amazing, I'm sure. After we finished up, we left on a good note. We had always been close, so, nothing was going to change after tonight. Right?

Four weeks later, I get a call from a number I don't reconize. To my suprise, it was Sarah. She was asking me about the night of the party and if we had used a condom. I wanted to shit myself. She was pregnant. That's what you get when you hit it and quit it after assuming she's on the pill.

I played it like Shaggy for a while, saying I wasn't the one who got her pregnant, but, I manned up. But, only to Sarah. To everyone else, it wasn't my kid. Hell no, she was probably a slut and the kid was probably going to turn out black or asian. Word got back to her that I was covering my ass and now, I've gotten the silent treatment for over a month. I guess I deserved it. Fuck my life.

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