October 28, 2011

Fallacious Fate

This is a story I wrote about some ho. I'm looking for reactions so I hope you enjoy this.

Caroline was a straight-up ho. She had blown almost every guy in the school and after today, she would have blown them all. She was performing her act in the passenger seat while Greg was driving. Then all of a sudden, there was a huge crash. When Caroline awoke, she was spitting out Greg's genitalia. In the crash, she had bitten his junk straight off. Blood coated her pearll-white teeth. She threw up after realizing what she had done. When she got out of the hospital, Greg was waiting for her. "You ruined my life you dumb trick." He yelled. He pulled out a gun and shot Caroline. She died as she had lived, on her knees.


  1. It was definitely amusing but a little wierd. It does seem ironic how she died. However I'm wondering how he obtained a gun in the first place. There's also a gap between the crash and the hospital. How did they get to the hospital? Did one of them call for an ambulance or did a witness call for one?

  2. OKAY HI JON MANHEIM. THE MASTER HAS ARRIVED, AND HE PROBABLY CAME WITH COOKIE CAKE. Okay so, starting with my girl Caroline. I think I love her. She's the classic skank everyone loves to hate. Too much dick, and not enough time as I imagine her liking to say. I think you should've maybe added some short situations in which she'd sucked other dicks. I'd like to see it rather than just have you tell me she's sucked every dick at least once. And now hi Greg. I first associated Greg with Greg Kelly which turned out to be quite hilarious when I got to the part where Caroline bit off his dick. Moving on, I think you should add more detail when it comes t the crash. Maybe just describe what happened even if they were passed out during the time. The best part of the whole story is probably the line "She died as she had lived, on her knees." Seriously, just pure genious. MY MAIN MAN JON, YOU HAVE DONE IT AGAIN. I'm proud of you, man.

  3. This is hilarious. It took all my strength not to laugh really loud in this awkwardly silent classroom. There is only one thing that I don't understand. Greg was also in the car crash. Why wasn't he in the hospital with Caroline? He was waiting for her when she got out. I think he would have needed to be in there longer than her because HE GOT HIS JUNK BIT OFF. That's a pretty major injury. Seriously though, soooo funny. I definitely agree with Beyonce, the last sentence wins. You deserve a gold medal. Or some cookie cake.