October 28, 2011

God Damn Narcissit.(chapter 2)

The coffee pot is full now with nice fresh Dunkin Donut’s coffee. Closing my laptop I stand up slowly and stretch my legs. I go into my cabinet and look for a couple coffee mugs. Damn, I only have my mom’s antique looking mugs. All well seems everything else is in the dishwasher. I really have to run the dishwasher today.
Making the coffees my stomach growls. Fucking great… I’ll just have to make something after the leave. Or I’ll just go to Mackenzie’s restaurant. The restaurant is great, there aren’t many close to town but that’s the closet one that’s actually good. Yup I’m definitely going there after they leave.
I slowly walk my way into the living room with the hot coffee and I see that Ethan already made his way down. The jerk used my hairdryer, I hid that thing from him the last time he used it because the dumbass chased my kitten around with it. He scarred the poor thing for life. He won’t come out of hiding when Ethan is around him.
I hand the coffee to them, they both say thank you. The rookie’s stare lingered on me for too long and Ethan noticed. Ethan stared at me like he was going to get up and gauge the poor rookie’s eyes out. Looks like this boy never meet Ethan before either because he stared back. Fire blazing in both of their eyes.

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