October 28, 2011

james bad day

James was having a horrible day.
First block he got to school late, and missed half of first block, which meant he also missed the big test, which counted for twenty percent of his grade! then he got an F in second block, and got his phone taken away in third, and his mom would have to come and get it after school. he lost his lunch money, and he had missed breakfast that morning. in fourth block he threw-up, even though his stomach was pretty much empty, and then he missed his bus back home. his mother had forbidden him to walk home, so then he had to wait at the school until six o'clock, outside in the rain. when James finally got home, he fell asleep doing homework. of course, he woke up at exactly eleven fifty-five.
James had a horrible day, but as the clock struck twelve, the best day of his life began.

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  1. THis is a good story, but it was a terrible day.