October 28, 2011

Percy Winkly

This was a writing exercise I did for class. What do you think of the story and how could I make it more funny?

Percy Winkly is no longer with us, or, at least no longer living. Percy had died a few years ago in a tragic but extremely informative Hadron Collider accident. Percy was split into billions of atoms which then collided with each other and eliminated themselves from existence. From Percy's perspective the whole event was utterly terrifying. from the scientist's, who were watching the spectacle safe inside their lab, perspective the event looked extremely similar to a Forth of July party. Poor Percy was undoubtedly dead, but then something amazing happened. The molecules that made up Percy's conscious managed to get there act together, decided to settle their differences, and shot into space. There they collided with a passing trans-dimensional being. Unfortunately this species of life form can only be seen in our dimension through the lens of a camera which is wielded by the cast of a popular science fiction TV show who call themselves "ghost hunters". Percy's conscious easily took over the beings mind as trans-dimensional being who hang around this part of the universe are usually pretty dull. Percy admired his new sense of reality for a moment before returning to Earth. Without the limitations of his body and the constant disapproval from his peers Percy quickly discovered the answers to all of life's mysteries. Unfortunately for humanity Percy's attempts to reveal the answers only served to boost the TV show's ratings.

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