October 28, 2011

outlife for the first small parts of my project for NANOWRIMO

Scene one: McCray and Morris are getting ready for a street fight with the Vesetti’s. McCray is being cocky and joking about it the rest of the group including, Tommy, Joey, and Mitch joke around too. they get their bags ready with guns, bats, and sludge hammers. They also have bleach. They get in their car and make their way.

Scene two: Everyone in the car is quiet until McCray starts a prayer. Everyone joins in. McCray says some words of inspiration. They remember why they are doing this and get ready to kick the crap and kill the people who messed up Valerie (friend of the family Sister to McCray)

Scene three: The boys get out of the car guns loaded and are into the house. They kill two men at the door and make their way upstairs. One by one they clear the main floor and make their way upstairs. The upper floor is made up of a kitchen that wraps around into a family room on the other side of the wall. They make their way around thinking Vesetti’s son may be up there. Morris accidently takes a shot and kill McCray who was climbing up the fire escape to get a sneak attack going. His body falls onto a dumpster below.

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