October 28, 2011


why is i feel so lonley,
maybe its since all my friends are phonies.
all day i spend alone,
yet when you need me im right by the phone.
im so sick of breaking my back for you,
when apprently you found something new.
hope you have fun when theres no one left for you,
cause when you try to come back, i will be having fun, and you will be the lonley one boo.
so dont feel pity, thinking i need you.
honestly i am definatley way better off without you.
have fun failing at everything you do,
cause when you see me next, ill be driving right by you.

1 comment:

  1. This one I enjoyed cause I can relate to it very well. The rhyming ended up well though it kept repeating the same words after another.
    Instead of you, try something different that rhymes and make it fit of course
    'Too' 'two' 'do' 'you' 'boo' 'rue' 'woo' 'moo' ect.