October 28, 2011

Manheim's Creation

This was exercise 36 brought to you in part by Jon Manheim. Tell me if you like, if there's any things I should change, and if you think it makes sense. Any sense? Probably not, but that's a given :) Take it as you will.

The cake was moist and delicious. It was a masterpiece to behold. Not only was it covered in double chocolate frosting, but what lay beneath it's superfical surface of coating was dripping hot fudge. It was like an allegory for temptation and gluttony in our society. In a case it sat, staring at it's customers in the bakery shop.

Men were bidding hundreds of thousands of dollars to attain such a morsel. The poor baker became overwhelmed and oppressed by the aggressive mob. They pushed back the glass case making all the spectacular baked goods fall to the floor. The riot had begun.

The men punched, kicked, pulled hair each others hair repeatedly. The cake merely sneered at the riot and felt overjoyed at the scene of men fighting over it. Finally, the men were lying on the ground in a bloddy mess as a naive young girl walked into the shop. She wanted to bring home some fresh bread home to her mother.

"Oh my lord!" she exclaimed. "Is that chocolate cake?"

As she reached down to taste just a lick of frosting, a man pulled out a gun and shot her repeatedly.

"I won", he said as he stumbled to his feet. He then sprinted out the door. She was sprawled there covered in the blood of the innocent.

Herpaderp ~ <3


  1. WELL, here we go. Ckae is very VERY important to the way the world works, without cake the wold would spiral into chaos and people would be getting killed left and right. I belive you saw that vision(as did I) and right now we have to inform everyone of this danger. Sostand up right now. I know You're sitting in the fron tof the room so it is the pefect time to declare yourself as defender of the world and the consumer of cake. (do it now.) But wiring wise this is very good. It flows rather well and i enjoy a good riot story now and again.(if you have read this far without standing up and delcaring what i said before i want you to appoligise fist then say it.)Parden my spelling by the way it sucks.(seriously...standup and say it. if you have by now i love you. if not....well you know.)

  2. I love this jonnnnn. u need to go pro with this ish. every week i look forward to your writing i love it and u need to keep this up. I love the mystery .. GOLD GOLD! keep up the work

  3. MANHEIM YOU HAVE DONE IT AGAIN, MY FRIEND! I have to agree with my old pal Josh and agree that I look forward to reading your posts every week! The detail in this story is truly incredible. As you described the cake, I felt completely one with the double chocolate masterpiece. And I can feel the sensation of the fudge dripping all over my thug-like body. Sorry, man(heim), but I think I'm about to have a foodgasm!!!! Usually only the great cooking of my beautiful wife can do that so you, my friend, have a gift! Keep doing what you're doing and keep making this blog beautiful by adding your 'ish' to it every week. You ma main man, dawg ;)