October 28, 2011

Percy Winkley Makes A Friend

This was written for our writing exercise today. Yes, it is somewhat strange.

Once upon a time
A little ghost boy cried
His name was Percy Winkley
It was a sad day when he died

His ghostly glasses were taped
His ghostly teeth had gapes
He cried all the most
He was the nerdy ghost

The bigger ghosts teased him
Stole his ghostly lunch
Sandwich, cheese and a pickle
They made him hurt a bunch

But then one day a new boy came
His name was Robin Hood
He’d died bow in hand
He was just nice and good

Now Percy had a friend
One who was with him to the end
No longer was he teased
For then they would be ceased

So overall, just what do you think of it? Is there anything I could add, or should I change it so that his new friend isn't Robinhood? >_<

1 comment:

  1. Hey sweetie! :) I think this is a very cute little poem you made. I like the consistent rhyme scheme you have going on and the idea that little Percy gets a friend. It makes me smile. I like the fact that his friend is Robinhood. It makes it like a cute little nursery rhyme that you'd tell children. Not morbid at all? I enjoyed it thoroughly, but maybe to improve it would be to try to pick different words to rhyme with and make sure things seem to make sense. Overall, I dig you and your poem pretty girl! <3 :)