October 28, 2011

Percy Winkley's Vengence

Caylain turned around to see a ghost in the town of Goldshire.
Since it was Hallow's end, of course they would have spirits walking around and haunting the citizens. But this was no normal ghost either.
"I was killed by the Headless Horseman," The voice of the ghost in front of Caylain moaned, cracking in his speech. "My name is Percy Winkley," He continued, the blonde hair covered his sallow face and glasses. "You must avenge my death by killing the Headless Horseman, otherwise, I will not be able to rest in peace within my labratory."
Caylain nodded, agreeing to do this soul's bidding. The Death Knight would avenge this lost soul.

What should I add/take out/change to this short story? While I was thinking of it, this actually fit my last short story that we had to write. So I figured I'd have an off-story-short-story thing to it. And if anyone noticed or not, this does have something related to World of Warcraft. It just made sense in my head, but does it make sense to others?

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  1. I think you need to add more of Percy's character. His nerdy, geeky self needs to be more evident. Why did Caylain agree immediately to help Percy? Is that something to do with World of Warcraft? If it does than that explains why I don't understand. Otherwise, you have a very intriguing beginning to start a short story with.