October 28, 2011

Poor James

What's up guys!! Hope ur week has been super cool! Here's a sweet little poem I wrote about a guy named James who had a bad day. Let me know what you think? Do you like the rhyme scheme?? Any ideas for an alternate ending?? THANKS GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

James was having a very bad day
Nothing was going his way
He sat down to cry
He had poop in his eye
What would the other kids say

In order to save himself
James called for help from his elf
He came in a hurry
To ease James' worry
The little guy brought him a shelf

Put your eye on here he said
Just pop it out of your head
It won't hurt much
With a gentle touch
Otherwise, you'll have to forever lay in bed

"Oh no! Oh dear! I can't do it!"
But he had to relieve his eye from the shit
He manned up
Dropped it in a cup
And right down on the couch he did sit

After that James put on a smile
He hadn't done that in a while
The poop was away
Oh, happy day
Until he played in another poop pile


  1. OMG!!!!!! YOU ARE AN ARTIST!!!!! This story is totz the greatest thing my young thug ears have ever heard! So creative and hilarious!!! But for real, I've felt that pain that James is feeling in this poem and that shit is no joke. Poop is always funny except when it's in your eyes. This lil man has got some serious problems but it was totally sweet that you could make his horrible day into a fun poem for everyone to share!!!! Also, your rhyme scheme is genius! I would have never thought that it would work so wonderfully! Every day you impress me more and more and more and more. Love the story and love you more, B!!!! But tell that homie that he should probably steer clear of poop piles for a while 8-)))))))))))))))

  2. I just wanted to say that this made my day when i read this. It is awesome, i cant wait for you to keep writing cause your an insporation on me. You always make me put a smile on my face princess. Will you always be a pretty princess because if so i wanna b ur knight and shining armour. Keep up the nasty work bro. Miss you i cant believe he moved us what a boob. As jay z said prob should keep him outta poop piles thats why he got poop in them, haha :) miss u guys</3 stay strong my fellow classmates. only concern with this is you talk about poop way to much and i dont know if that is school worthy? i feel you on the story but keep the poopness to a min and id much love this story babygirl. keep up and comment on mine. :) TTYL

  3. thats gross, but im glad he took care of that problem.

  4. This boy should probably stay away from poop piles, its kind of gross, but good job with some of the rhyming