October 28, 2011

The Day Duct Tape Saved My Life

Johnny opened the closet door, looking for his coat, only to find Matt and me inside. We sprang apart from each other and wiped our mouths. We tried to look innocent. Johnny smiled wickedly. "I thought you were going out with Frank, Krystal."

I stuttered. "I...I am...but..."

"It's not what it looks like," Matt said, cutting me off. "I was helping her find her coat-"

"Right. That's why the door was shut and your lips were pressed against hers. I think I'm going to go pay Frank a visit."

Then, I spotted something. High on the top shelf was some multicolored duct tape. "Matt!" I said. "Hold him!"

Matt grabbed Johnny before he could go far. I reached up and took the duct tape. Together, we tied Johnny up. Then, we threw him in the closet and left.

That was the day duct tape saved my life...until the next morning, when someone found and released Johnny.

Could you tell me where I should've been more or less descriptive? Was there anything that confused you?

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